About Me

Hey thanks for wandering on to my website. Lost Skeletons is my passion project / brain child / whatever you wanna call it. I'm just another one of those guys though. There are a lot of names for us. Some call us makers, designers, or just artists...but I prefer creator. As much as I love art and design, I have learned over the years that I just plain love to create.
As I scroll through places like Instagram and Pinterest, I started to notice products made with my cut files. Seeing another makers online store selling products using my cut files is one of the most fulfilling feelings I think I've ever had. The idea that I get to have any kind of impact on someones ability to create something themselves, and be fulfilled in their life as well, is an ultimate joy that I will always chase. If creating fulfills you, I hope I can in some way help you along that journey. You have a purpose, it intersects with your fulfillments and you're supposed to live it. 
Thanks again for checking out Lost Skeletons. I'll be over here getting lost in any form of creating I can find. If you need someone to get lost with, shoot me a message sometime. We'll talk about leather, lasers, and most likely creating. 
Lost On Purpose. Lost Forever.